Monday, August 16, 2010

Harmonious Friend

My friend is a self tuning instrument,

playing unfamiliar melodies. Don't B flat.

Misunderstood tune synthesizes to a mystery.

Te quiero.

We speak only in pirate tongue.

Acquiesce squire to veritas.

Are your pants on fire?

Truth revolves but not becoming a pistol,

or does it coagulate to the blossom pistil?

Doubts flower by the hour.

His words are the sweet incubus rolling in my mind.

Veritas. Where it is.

What is hidden can be found.

The court jester is amusing muse.

Shameless hoodoo that you do.

Amorphous riddles about amour.

Why is your song so unfamiliar?

Can't you see the skin walker that I am,

the lone she wolf in human skin.

Are my eyes glowing?

I'm just happy to see you.

Run and get knackered.

I'll huff, puff, and blow

through your symphonic defenses.

So hombre, get knackered and prolly

I will place you in my trolley.

Look deep into my eyes.

You are mine.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Excitment Behind This Video

There was some excitment and controversy involved in the making of this video. The music was highly controversial due to its aleatorial nature and virtual chairs were thrown across the cyber room, but not by me. I am an absolute angel. Can't you see my wings? (winks). Just kidding. When I submitted my innocent little song for a critique I was surprised by the firece battle that took place among the critics. So in the video you see a private joke when the word music rests under the cottony soft batton.

I had so much fun making this video about an exciting group of people called Universal Salon which you can find on Facebook. I hope people see this video come and join us. We are artists, poets and deep thinkers.

Changing the subject, I am excited that my personal UFO account got published today in Pamela Grundy's "The Paranromal Detective" which you can read at Eye on Life magazine. Yeah!