Friday, July 8, 2011

My Knitting Hobby

I hope you had a Happy Fourth of July! Someone asked me what is your hobby? I said knitting. The sweater in the photo is one I knitted a few years ago. It is made of 100% wool full of bobbles and cables which makes it in Aran style knitting and the design came from Vogue knitting magazine. I even made my own four inch cable needle out of bamboo skewer which I tapered both ends and waxed and buffed it.

People worry about the economy and ABC has been airing their "Made in America" series. I wondered what kind of a business I could do? Well, I could knit berets. Knitting uses a pair or two needles and good yarn. That's it. It is a delightful craft that uses less tools than woodworking or making stoneware clay mugs. I admire ceramics, but you need a kiln, a room to get wet and dirty, a potter's wheel and a sturdy shelf to dry or even a humid room to dry it slowly. Otherwise, ceramics is very beautiful.

I am slowly chiseling my way out of writer's block. For many months I was stuck on chapter 13. So far, I have written chapter 21. Writing my novel and composing music are my two passions. Just when I got happy I felt worried because I realize I need to write about 20 more chapters so my book can grow to about 400 pages. Oh, Lordy, Lordy.

Who are the women who knit in fiction? So far I can think of one a great amateur sleuth developed by writer Agatha Christie. Miss Marple would think about clues and supects while she knitted with yarn and a pair of knitting needles.