Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review: Angel of Death by K.W. Mc Cabe

Angel of Death written by K.W. Mc Cabe is a fun ebook for my kindle which I couldn't stop reading until I finished it. Here is my book review.
Poor Death, a reaper's work is never done. Ever heard of the phrase?  Who felt sorry for the Grim Reaper?  The authoress has pulled the robed wonder out of the shadows and sculpted him with words.
Meet Thomas, also known as Death the ruler of the underworld.  Two thousand years grew too long to hate the decor and too long to work at the same job.  He met a woman who sparked desire in a way that he didn't feel for as long as he served as a reaper.  The daily grind of having collected so many corrupted souls made him want to scream for retirement.  His only hope would be to find his successor with a pure heart.

I liked the way the authoress has woven romance with the supernatural and humor within this taut drama.  Funny moments happened when Thomas came to the land of the living after two thousands years and experienced culture shock.  He thought monsters roam the streets and he nearly got sent to the psyche ward while roaming the hospital.  He met Sarah who was diagnosed with leukemia.  She was surprised when she had feelings for him.

I highly recommend this book because it encourages one to stop and think. Look around you. What could you learn if you could see your environment in a different light?
The authoress carefully left clues to a greater truth: there is hope in darkness and the enduring power of love.

You can find Angel of Death here.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Visit the authos's blog.

Angel of Death (Thomas Lord of Death)Angel of Death by K.W. McCabe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I liked the way the authoress has woven romance with the supernatural and humor within this taut drama. Funny moments happened when Thomas came to the land of the living after two thousands years and experienced culture shock. He thought monsters roam the streets and he nearly got sent to the psyche ward while roaming the hospital. He met Sarah who was diagnosed with leukemia. She was surprised she had feelings for the Lord of Death.

I highly recommend this book. Remember the power of love...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Tour: FreeLance Writing by Christine Rice

Ladies, check out this blog tour of Christine Rice's book Freelance Writing! This author's book will be discussed at these blog sites. As you can see this will be an exciting tour.  I so happy to announce that I am participating in this blog tour and we will get illuminated here in September!

Daisy Bouquet clock
Daisy Bouquet clock by RavenKing
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Collection

Welcome to my gallery. What is the August Collection? All the artworks I completed for this month.

What inspired Once Upon A Time and Forbidden Gates? I have been fascinated by fairy tales set in exotic locals with an abundance of green leaves, flowers and hiding furtive entities. I live in the desert and I crave a forest or jungle for my images so I went to the grocery store. I took out my cellphone camera and captured pictures of flowers. Interestingly, no one asked me questions even though I am sure they noticed me taking photos. I opened my photos in GIMP layering them over one another till an abstract form emerged. I even made a horse out of flowers which you could see trotting Once Upon A Time.

Forbidden Gates by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

What Surprised you about making snow woman? The surprise came after I completed my image. First, I created snow woman in GIMP by using a fractal filter on a gradient the using the filter map to sphere. I stacked my blue spheres and took a photo of a feather for her hat which I isolated by using free/lasso select. When I took a walk through a gift shop in Red Lion I was surprised to see only snowmen. My question is why aren't there any snow women?

How do I know it's a snow woman?

I don't know, maybe it's the twinkle in her eye, the feather in her cap or the numerous shopping bags?

Kelpie Rider

According to Celtic legend a kelpie known as a water horse always had a dripping mane because it came out of a lake to lure riders to their peril. What if riders were not lured to their death, but to their transformation? Was a kelpie born or sired like a vampire? Sometimes the kelpie are depicted as attractive humans. I would like to think that when I drew Kelpie Rider on paper I captured her the moment she noticed her transformation.


I drew them with my Bic pen and colored pencils on paper. Her rich red lips hold a secret. Moments pass. An irresistible urge bubbles within her. Her lips part while her words depart. The other sister learns what the other has been keeping from her.


Sisters by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

I designed  Shop Till You Melt iPad case.

Shop till you melt Snow Woman iPad case
Shop till you melt Snow Woman iPad case by RavenKing
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I designed a Kelpie Rider pillow.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two for book reviews

Today's special is a two for one book review. I found both of these gems yesterday on . I downloaded both for my kindle for free!

Ariari's Staircase App written by Hiroshi Makise is a modern day fable for children. The cute cover shows a fine example of the illustrator's style which displays well on my kindle. Each page is well illustrated and advances the plot forward. Ariari appears as a funny face individual who spies on Ana while she plays with her tablet. She races a rabbit by walking with her fingers on touchscreen tablet. Ariari uses Ana's touch screen to open a portal in the staircase app. I would highly recommend reading this ebook with your children.

Tell Me A Thousand Times written by Petar Toushkov is dark poetic short story with elements of horror. True horror comes from treating people as a commodity. The main character is nameless with a deformed soul who never ages. In this dystopian nightmare clones are mass produced to be used as soldiers to die in battle. The story is vague. There are no names or any clear description which underscores the mind numbing feeling that the main character endures and this makes a haunting story. It is a quick read and I highly recommend this ebook. This story feels like a la ronde where the end feels like a beginning which makes it a seductive writing technique.

I designed this birthday card.

Happy Birthday card
Happy Birthday card by RavenKing
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I also designed this iPad sleeve.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Drawing Kelpie Rider

Kelpie Rider by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

Hi there ladies and gentlemen.  I drew an eerie girl on paper with creamy green eyes akin to avocado drenched in pools of clarified butter.  Okay, that sounded creepy, but I do enjoy reading haunting fiction.  I drew Kelpie Rider on paper with ink, pencil and colored paper.  I felt a need to rediscover drawing with my favorite bic pen.  I was inspired by the Celtic mythology of the water horse known as the kelpie  which haunts ponds and sometimes shape shifts into human form. Think you don't know of any famous kelpies?  Think again.  You do.  Lochness monster is the most famous one.  I have been reading a few good books and I will post one geared for writers on September 9 and another very delicious book review of a romantic fantasy October 14.

I also made a tee shirt out of Kelpie Rider.

Kelpie Rider tee shirt
Kelpie Rider tee shirt by RavenKing
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Happy writing!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Call for Poets and Creativity Prompt

Brevity Poetry Review is calling all poets to submit poems.  I just found this exciting link today.  Poems will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  Check it out. Brevity Poetry Review

Hello there.  I am posting today my artwork as a creativity prompt.  I hope this blue lady inspires you to write either a poem, a short story or even an 8 bar piece of music.
I drew on paper with my favorite bic pen.  Will I be participating in this creativity prompt?  I too hope to write something.  There is no deadline and I hope this inspires you.
For more inspiration you can visit my favorites gallery.  There I collect my favorite images from other very talented artists ranging from graphic artists to  photographers.

Psst...psst...I adapted Blue Mystery for a kindle case.  You can see her in both in my deviant gallery as well as my zazzle store.   I hope you like my design. :)
Happy Creating!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My 100th item!

Today I added my design to my 100th item in my zazzle store! Yeah! It is time to celebrate.  This is my first milestone since I opened my store in July 3, 2012.  I learned about posting my designs on items like iPad sleeves and and kindle cases.  It is fun to design images in layers that can be mixed and matched in tee shirts or placemats.  My next milestone will be be when I have 1000 items in my store and that will take time. 

I feel as if I have entered an art boot camp since my days begin about 5:30 am to 6:00 am if I am feeling bushed.  I race each summer day against the heat.  I try to work with a naturally cold room and chilly computer.  The mornings are a cold 50 F in the desert, but they can soar to 100F the same day!  Lately, I began a few old school drawings in ink on paper.  I find blue bic pen layers nicely with colored pencils to create rich contrasting images.

What about books?  I am reading a few very interesting books and I will reveal them when the time comes.

Happy Creating and Writing!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Locked in Enchantment Kindle case design

The joy I receive from reading a story or poem on my kindle inspired me to design a kindle case.  I wanted to make armor out of gold sequins that suggest a reinforced door in a castle with a hint of light coming from the key hole to symbolize hope.  The lock is not simply a barrier, but a challenge in the hero's journey.  What will be discovered?

Now for the nitty gritty tech talk.

  I made a sequin brush with GIMP software (free) by first taking photos of sequins. I opened my photo in GIMP and used the tool elipse select (oval shape) to zero in on the sequin. Click on Edit drop down box then click on copy. Click Edit then click paste as new image save as a png file to save the transparency. I made two separate png files of sequins so that I could arrange it. I clicked Edit then Copy. I clicked Edit then Save As Brush. I then named my brush. For the armor background I kept the ppi (pixels per inch) at 300. I painted from top to bottom of my vertical rectangle using my new sequin brush. For my keyhole image I began with a circle and vertical rectangle in dark brown. I changed my brush size and opacities to fit the shapes. For a final touch I boosted the contrast by clicking on the Color drop box and selcting Color and Contrast. The interface made it simple to adjust adjust settings. This makes the image pop.

Come see my design at my RavenKing store.