Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Locked in Enchantment Kindle case design

The joy I receive from reading a story or poem on my kindle inspired me to design a kindle case.  I wanted to make armor out of gold sequins that suggest a reinforced door in a castle with a hint of light coming from the key hole to symbolize hope.  The lock is not simply a barrier, but a challenge in the hero's journey.  What will be discovered?

Now for the nitty gritty tech talk.

  I made a sequin brush with GIMP software (free) by first taking photos of sequins. I opened my photo in GIMP and used the tool elipse select (oval shape) to zero in on the sequin. Click on Edit drop down box then click on copy. Click Edit then click paste as new image save as a png file to save the transparency. I made two separate png files of sequins so that I could arrange it. I clicked Edit then Copy. I clicked Edit then Save As Brush. I then named my brush. For the armor background I kept the ppi (pixels per inch) at 300. I painted from top to bottom of my vertical rectangle using my new sequin brush. For my keyhole image I began with a circle and vertical rectangle in dark brown. I changed my brush size and opacities to fit the shapes. For a final touch I boosted the contrast by clicking on the Color drop box and selcting Color and Contrast. The interface made it simple to adjust adjust settings. This makes the image pop.

Come see my design at my RavenKing store.


  1. Very cool, Ann, but this techno-neophyte must concentrate on the final stages in publishing her memoir before skipping down another rabbit trail. One month or less to go. I get side-tracked easily! Maybe one day I will attempt this major challenge. Your Kindle case is definitely unique. :)
    Nancy MacMillan

  2. Thanks Nancy. You almost finished writing your memoir. I am so excited for you. Congrats!