Sunday, August 19, 2012

Drawing Kelpie Rider

Kelpie Rider by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

Hi there ladies and gentlemen.  I drew an eerie girl on paper with creamy green eyes akin to avocado drenched in pools of clarified butter.  Okay, that sounded creepy, but I do enjoy reading haunting fiction.  I drew Kelpie Rider on paper with ink, pencil and colored paper.  I felt a need to rediscover drawing with my favorite bic pen.  I was inspired by the Celtic mythology of the water horse known as the kelpie  which haunts ponds and sometimes shape shifts into human form. Think you don't know of any famous kelpies?  Think again.  You do.  Lochness monster is the most famous one.  I have been reading a few good books and I will post one geared for writers on September 9 and another very delicious book review of a romantic fantasy October 14.

I also made a tee shirt out of Kelpie Rider.

Kelpie Rider tee shirt
Kelpie Rider tee shirt by RavenKing
Print your own shirt at

Happy writing!

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