Sunday, August 12, 2012

Call for Poets and Creativity Prompt

Brevity Poetry Review is calling all poets to submit poems.  I just found this exciting link today.  Poems will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  Check it out. Brevity Poetry Review

Hello there.  I am posting today my artwork as a creativity prompt.  I hope this blue lady inspires you to write either a poem, a short story or even an 8 bar piece of music.
I drew on paper with my favorite bic pen.  Will I be participating in this creativity prompt?  I too hope to write something.  There is no deadline and I hope this inspires you.
For more inspiration you can visit my favorites gallery.  There I collect my favorite images from other very talented artists ranging from graphic artists to  photographers.

Psst...psst...I adapted Blue Mystery for a kindle case.  You can see her in both in my deviant gallery as well as my zazzle store.   I hope you like my design. :)
Happy Creating!


  1. Lovely site! New follower here, you can find me over at Rainy Day Reads.


  2. Thank you Christine for your link. I am now following your blog. :)