Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Collection

Welcome to my gallery. What is the August Collection? All the artworks I completed for this month.

What inspired Once Upon A Time and Forbidden Gates? I have been fascinated by fairy tales set in exotic locals with an abundance of green leaves, flowers and hiding furtive entities. I live in the desert and I crave a forest or jungle for my images so I went to the grocery store. I took out my cellphone camera and captured pictures of flowers. Interestingly, no one asked me questions even though I am sure they noticed me taking photos. I opened my photos in GIMP layering them over one another till an abstract form emerged. I even made a horse out of flowers which you could see trotting Once Upon A Time.

Forbidden Gates by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

What Surprised you about making snow woman? The surprise came after I completed my image. First, I created snow woman in GIMP by using a fractal filter on a gradient the using the filter map to sphere. I stacked my blue spheres and took a photo of a feather for her hat which I isolated by using free/lasso select. When I took a walk through a gift shop in Red Lion I was surprised to see only snowmen. My question is why aren't there any snow women?

How do I know it's a snow woman?

I don't know, maybe it's the twinkle in her eye, the feather in her cap or the numerous shopping bags?

Kelpie Rider

According to Celtic legend a kelpie known as a water horse always had a dripping mane because it came out of a lake to lure riders to their peril. What if riders were not lured to their death, but to their transformation? Was a kelpie born or sired like a vampire? Sometimes the kelpie are depicted as attractive humans. I would like to think that when I drew Kelpie Rider on paper I captured her the moment she noticed her transformation.


I drew them with my Bic pen and colored pencils on paper. Her rich red lips hold a secret. Moments pass. An irresistible urge bubbles within her. Her lips part while her words depart. The other sister learns what the other has been keeping from her.


Sisters by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

I designed  Shop Till You Melt iPad case.

Shop till you melt Snow Woman iPad case
Shop till you melt Snow Woman iPad case by RavenKing
See another iPhone design online at Zazzle

I designed a Kelpie Rider pillow.