Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two for book reviews

Today's special is a two for one book review. I found both of these gems yesterday on . I downloaded both for my kindle for free!

Ariari's Staircase App written by Hiroshi Makise is a modern day fable for children. The cute cover shows a fine example of the illustrator's style which displays well on my kindle. Each page is well illustrated and advances the plot forward. Ariari appears as a funny face individual who spies on Ana while she plays with her tablet. She races a rabbit by walking with her fingers on touchscreen tablet. Ariari uses Ana's touch screen to open a portal in the staircase app. I would highly recommend reading this ebook with your children.

Tell Me A Thousand Times written by Petar Toushkov is dark poetic short story with elements of horror. True horror comes from treating people as a commodity. The main character is nameless with a deformed soul who never ages. In this dystopian nightmare clones are mass produced to be used as soldiers to die in battle. The story is vague. There are no names or any clear description which underscores the mind numbing feeling that the main character endures and this makes a haunting story. It is a quick read and I highly recommend this ebook. This story feels like a la ronde where the end feels like a beginning which makes it a seductive writing technique.

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Happy Birthday card by RavenKing
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  1. Love your artwork, especially the kindle cover. I found you over on book blogs and hopped over to become your newest GFC follower. Would love for you to drop by and follow my blog at Have an awesome week!

    1. Thank you Brenda! I visited your lovely blog and I am now following your blog. :)