Sunday, October 23, 2011

All My Favorite Zombies

What I like about zombie fiction is that they explore the the fine line between life and death and ask how did this happen? How will I survive?

Dead Party written Shah Wharton is my favorite zombie story. Our heroine develops an extraordinary ability: to survive. She blossoms from a mild mannered girl next door to a strong survivor who finds herself doing things she wouldn't before zombies have transformed the U.K. Darwinism is on steroids while legions of the undead roam cafes while exerting their political ambitions and teeth on residents. Recruiting all zombies now for the Dead Party.

I Zombie I written by Jack Wallen.
A journalist named Jacob chronicles his descent into becoming a zombie while holding onto to his humanity. He awakens in Munich in a kind of morbid snow globe with falling ash that he later realized was human skin. He falls in love with a hacker named Bethany. It's on Kindle and free!

Goddamn Redneck Surfer Zombies by Michael Jasper
Hope springs eternal in Long Beach, North Carolina. Nude zombies mingle among locals asking for directions in this feel good story. An old fisherman wonders how did this came to be? Is it the pull of the moontides or an apocalyptic sign? Wait... Here comes a zombie dragging a coffin.
It is a short story on Kindle and free!

I enjoyed reading zombie fiction so much that I baked a Zombie cake.

Zombies also have been known to raise awareness for a good cause like the Zombie Walk in Shreveport, La.

Zombies have also promoted emergency preparedness. What would you need in an emergency?

Happy Reading!

Happy Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Torque to Descent (poem)

Slipping from the stiff as a board
white out that envelops her existence
the fabric of her reality unravels
spinning out of control
she makes her descent a crash landing
due to the torque on a slippery reed like surface
arpeggio legs syncopate and
fingers narrowly miss the eight-legged ballerina.

Jumping into the hypnotic pools of her Kindle
she blows the descending spider away
with her hot hurricane breath.
Fingers hit the home button
scanning the horizon for collections
hoping to see a familiar face
she selects one of her numerous zombie stories

Inside everything is black and white like a film noire
shadows populate by amorphous moans
struggling to battle fatigue
the dude drags his leg
the sweet smell of doughnuts bekon him
he sinks his teeth into the screaming pastry.
Why, where is that sound coming from?
Repulse, rachet, torque
the raspberry filled doughnut spills inky black pools on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed my spooky poem. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Tiny Story

I recently submitted my tiny story at which is a collaborative production company.
I have enjoyed reading many tiny stories which are shorter than flash fiction at website.

Here is my tiny story:

Tiny Descent

Running over crushed velvet

remains of the rancid peach

carefully unwinding her spool

the eight legged ballerina

begins her descent.