Friday, October 29, 2010


Fascination (4 DAW and VSTi)

I see it
in my dreams
my new obsession
a new arp odyssey
of sine waves
and oscillators,
my motif
of the day
browse by
the day
or by the hour
of GUI
my new window
opens up to a new world
of reverb
raising my BPM
dynamics propell
my desire.
Plug in a virtual
increases desire
for that elusive sound
so much to learn
so little time
so much to
express with my CPU.

In the middle of writing my novel I found a new obsession: making digital music. There is a lot of software to try, learn and enjoy. If you are new to virtual instruments I recommend that you start with a DAW/ VST host. Once you have a vst host or DAW you can insert your VST i (virtual instrument/ vst plug in) in the VST host.

I tried LMMS which is a VST host and it is a wonderful software that can load in plug ins (virtual instruments), contains a sound font 2 player, song editor with piano roll, beat editor, mixer with many effects and prests. You can export your music file to .wav file.

Here are cool websites to browse for vst host and instruments.

Check out the excitement, tutorials, downloads, forums. :)

Check out freeware, free vst hosts and virtual instruments

freeware, vst hosts and vst plugins

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