Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in 3 D

This is my last post of this year 2010. New Year is around the corner.

I plan to post next year interesting links that I find for writers since I am writing my novel and I am researching marketing possibilities. How should a writer promote her or his book. What makes a good author's site, book trailer (as seen on youtube), and many more activities that a future author-preneur may need to include on their do list. I also want to include more art in my Raven's Art Shack.

I made animated photos ( .GIF) but later found out that some websites "flatten" the pictures and thus prevent the animation. I enjoyed making my wiggle grams so I took two wiggle grams and made a video. I had fun making the 28 second video. Making a wiggle gram is simple when you download free software from Stereo Photo Maker

With Stereo Photo Maker software you can make 3 D photos as well as animated photos. Some artists recommend that you shift the camera 2 inches when taking a set of photos. I found this excessive. I think what makes a successful wiggle gram/ 3D picture is the short distance between two photos. You can preview this effect in Windows Gallery by watching one photo and clicking the next button. You will want a slight change in the photos. The sliver of focal shift causes a believable movement that you just turned a corner.

I hope you brought your 3 D glasses. Enjoy mon amies! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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