Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are We There Yet? ( a poem about writing)

Are We There Yet?
Following a map
using my hopes and dreams
as a guide
the occasional markings
of frustration splatter my windshield
like fresh puree and insect wings
in those I see potential
If I could fly...

A sonorous wind
of a teasing angel
sings choral atonality
adjusting modulation
after the storm
the calm brings clarity
the beauty I see
before me
a perfection
of chiaroscuro
dark and pearly light
clouds bathe in gold rays
cummulous covers the
bare ruby mountains
antique gold ribbon
wraps my plateau
a hush
I take it all inside

How do you feel when someone asks how's your writing?

I turn beet red then I feel inspired to chisel at my writer's block. I continue writing my first novel. Frustration is part of the writing process, but eventually it will be a scifi novel.

Happy Writing! :)


  1. Ann- this is a beautiful look at the craft of writing. Well done and thanks for linking it up at my hop.

    And you're right - frustration is a constant companion re writing in my meager experience.

    Shah .X

  2. Loved the poem....good luck with your novel...keep chipping away.
    I just dropped by from Shah's Weekend Creative Hop.
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews Creative Weekend Post

  3. Well, I'm always happy to talk about my writing. In fact, it's one of my favorite topics. :)

    I like the poem. There's one image that doesn't work for me -- fresh puree and insect wings. I think if it was a fresh puree of insect wings, it would be stronger. Just my opinion.

    Good luck with your novel! Happy writing. I'm visiting from The Weekend Creation Blog Hop, by the way. Hope to see you around.


  4. What an excellent simile! The process of writing a book is long, hard, frustrating and exhilarating, and once you've accomplished it once, it's almost impossible to stop. So don't stop!

  5. Thank you all for the kind words. I will see you at Shah's Weekend Creative Blog Hop!
    Happy Writing Shah, Laurie, Nora and Erin! :)

  6. A creative story of sensory perceptions Ann...Beautiful!;)