Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: The Dragon's Call

The Dragon's Call written by K.W. Mc Cabe is a romantic fantasy focusing on the young lives of Derek, Cecily and her battle born father.  Cecily discovers a forbidden love while uncovering the hidden truth about herself.  Issues of inequality permeate a post war dragon run world while the fact that humans are disappearing after curfew remains in hushed whispers.

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     Todd was born in the year of the dragon, anno draconis.  Human weaponry awoke dragons from their sleep thus began the war.  Todd relives his memories fighting the dragons with their best weapons.  He lives with PTSD and his isolation from society became severe after his wife is snatched seconds after curfew while he and his daughter are watching from inside the house.

     Cecily is a teenager who is surprised to find a dragon attending her class because in the dragon run world dragons and humans are segragated.  Dragons live in luxury of the dragon enclave while humans live in the delapidated neighborhood.  Don't smile....don't look.  Cecily tries to act on what her father told her about dragons.  Looking at a dragon in human form means falling under their spell.

    Derek born in luxury for his mother is the queen dragon.  He has an antagonistic relationship with his half brother and his rebellious nature leads him to seek the human enclave.  Both Derek and Cecily develop an inexplicable fondness for one another.  Aknowledging their forbidden love is dangerous.  Discussions about humans disappearing after curfew make Cecily wonder if she can really trust this dragon?

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