Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Making Fortress Island

It began with a simple doodle almost resembling a sunny side up egg.  Why model an island? Unity offered a challenge: make an island using your favorite 3d software and post it sketchfab. I downloaded the latest version of Blender 2.72.  I was excited to open the new version of Blender and I saw a new tabs vertically arranged on the left.  I clicked on the create tab and saw cone, cube, tube, sphere and torus meshes.  I added a circle to my scene and extruded up forming a pumpkin shaped fortress.  I extruded the top ledge then extruded down.  I selected the bottom vertices and extruded outward the rest of the island.
I modeled my palm trees, made a UV map of the island and applied textures of sand and water.  I made a normal map of my textures using GIMP software. In Blender I enabled the sketchfab export add-on by checking the box in user preferences and saving my preferences. The upload tab appeared on the bottom left.  I uploaded my model to sketchfab as a .blend file and then added my UV map and adjusted the material settings.  I added a treat for my island a Milkyway background from sketchfab and a vignette effect.  I enjoyed peering into my small magical landscape and zooming in on the palm trees.


  1. Lovely! Is the pink, transparent exterior supposed to be a force field or made of glass?