Saturday, July 17, 2010

About Me

I am a simple person who views nature with complete awe. Living in the high desert fuels my imagination with long winters that dip into -20 F for many nights and short hot summers that rise to 100 F. My ranch is a treeless wonderland of cactus and sagebrush filled with solitude, sun and peace.

Question: What is your goal for Raven's Art Shack?

Answer: Interview artists from all mediums such as writers, composers, songwriters, culinary artists and people who think about art and what it means to them. I also will post some of my poems and music here.

Question: Where did you come up with name Raven's Art Shack?

Answer: Some people call me Raven. I plan to focus on topics to art although my interests include paranormal, nature, and herbs. Shack is for the once in a life time experience I had in Maine. I once ate at the beautiful Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth. The place was so beautiful with ocean view, sitting on huge logs of petrified wood with my luggage. Flowers grew on the cliff and the clams were super tender.

The photo above is the farm fresh eggs that my neighbors brought me. What a rare gourmet treat! The large green eggs are duck and the brown ones are from chicken. The eggs are so beautiful that they deserve their own poem!


Bathing in green

deep sky dips

in the shallow pool

of hammered copper

adonized in shock wave

green liquid mirror

rising from the

depths of the pool

the soul enveloped

skin unfolding


baking in the



brown egg

holds an

eternal treasure

of creamy gold

sizzling protein


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