Monday, July 26, 2010

Devouring Sea

Devouring Sea
Flesh rolls before my very eye.
Salt licks her sunny side eggs and his sausage bump.
Drizzling enigmatic sauce prepares to devour.
My irritating gift grows your pearl to thump.
Pouring squid ink over flesh I devour you.
Cracked you like an oyster I shuck your sea.
Crawling inside your soul I resonate your sea.
Waves of intention flood my eye.
Writhing in squid ink with flesh to devour
I find your joy stick to bump
to spank to a pulsating thump.
No peace for neurons for I crawl inside you.
Irritating sandy thoughts are my gift to you.
Welling, percolating beneath your sea,
pressing friction to fiction jolts to a thump.
Inconvenient fiction a plump figment of the eye.
Pluck, fig, tickle, bump.
Guilty thoughts on a platter: ready, aim, devour!
Warm fruits of the sea aim to devour
the soul, but an invisible umbrella shields you.
Carefully, you guard your ears from a bump
from the oscillating whispers of the sea.
Your ears like Shitake mushrooms sprout before my eye.
Stubborn edible ears don't hear my heart thump.
Dancing on your eyelashes I hear your thump.
The hours savor to devour
the briny soul before the sticky eye.
Oh, to reach the kelp tangled you.
Naked is the sea
that grinds to a bump.
Impatients bloom on a road hit a bump.
Bump and grind you to a thump.
Fruits of the sea
wait for hours to devour
the bare briny soul in you.
Sea fruits undulate a feast for the eye.
Galaxy hidden beyond my eye,
siphoning for vibrations I devour
your crunchy outer shell and you.


  1. "No peace for neurons for I crawl inside you.
    Irritating sandy thoughts are my gift to you."

    Beautiful! I've never seen such a more lovely romantic....and fishy poem.

  2. Ann - I can feel the undulating water as I read this.
    'Crawling inside your soul I resonate your sea.' Potent stuff!

  3. Thanks Generique! I enjoy your videos! You rock!

    Thank you Shalini!!!

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  5. Hi; I came to visit via Hubpages, and enjoyed your poem and the illustration.

    (The dreaded typo troll struck in post attempt #1!)

  6. I try to poke those dreaded trolls back...
    Thank you Adele for reading my poem. :)