Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aviary's Roc Contest

Woohoo! I am so excited to tell everyone that is having a contest called the Thirty Days of Roc! Yeah! The prizes include iTunes gift card for the winners. There is NO FEE to enter the contests. Create your music with Roc software, which is an online music making software. Creating music is simple with Roc because you only download the wav or mp3 file which you create. Blue dot means note on.

Every day is a new contest with different instruments. Aviary will be posting their brand new instruments for each day of the contests which lasts a total of 30 days. Okay 6 days past so as of today there are 24 days left to participate. Hurry! Once you compose your song with Roc software you submit your entry at their sister site If you are making your own book trailer this is a good way to explore their 50 new instruments and if you enter each new contest you will build a nice portfolio of your own music.

Yesterday, I tried their Kitchen Sink and Bird instruments. Their approach to percussive instruments is absolute genius. I really enjoyed their Teacup for its crisp sound and the Cutting Board for its soft drum like thump. I found the Swan's voice paints an eerie scene. The owl has a soft breathy voice.

Am I participating? Yes, because it's fun and and will explore sound and music in the process. Here is link to my song "Do the Beet Juice" created with Roc.

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