Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spare Time

In my spare time I like to try new things. I took four photos and stitch them vertically with GIMP software ( free open source). Each photo is 640 x 420 pixels. I took the photos with a low resolution camera ( camera binoculars which I purchased for $ 20 ). I wanted to proove that you don't need an expensive camera to take beautiful photos. I was walking in my neighborhood when I took this picture. Too often I stare at the dry sagebrush and complain how dry and twiggy it looks. The soil is pure clay. When I look at my photo I realize that I live in a beautiful place even though the winter lasts 7 months and there are no trees. It is interesting that I needed a mechanical device, my camera, to tell me about beauty.

In my spare time I also like searching for freebies, contest, tutorials, poetry and beauty.

Pssst....check out my previous blog Aviary's 30 Days of Roc Contest.

Happy Writing and enjoy your spare time!


  1. Hey - sorry i didnt pop by over the weekend - ive been in UK and the flippin linky stopped working so I lost the hoppers! AARGH! I'm assured all will be better next week however.

    Looking at this wonderful picture its brilliant that you did it how you did - I never knew you could join them up like that. Marvellous! Shah .X

  2. Happy Valentines Day Shah! :)
    Don't worry about the link. I am following your blog and many others so we can keep the blog hop going strong.

    I enjoy photo stitching. Thanks for the complement. :)

  3. Many thanks for your visit to my blog - hope your having a great week? Shah .X

  4. Ann- I'm so sorry but I never realized anyone ever even commented on my picture of the little boy or girl in the old photo. I rarely look at my personal site unless I have something to say. I'm glad you popped over. I can't believe that's four pictures. It looks like one beautifully composed picture. And I love your blog. It's got such an artsy feel. I love the old t.v. and the pictures with their gorgeous frames and the concrete blue-ish wall to the right.

    Thanks for coming over. good luck with your music and your writing!


  5. shah from Weekend Creative Blog Hop checking in. XX