Friday, July 20, 2012

My First Psykopainting

Today I  am painting with Psykopaint software.  A composer friend of mine kept posting his art made with this software.  After all the oohs and ahs of collecting compliments on his artwork I had to try this software.  This software is not free, but it free to try.  I used the pointilism brush and for some reason it reminds me of cloneing like in GIMP but you are recreating your original image in a new texture.  I saw this gorgeous car on the parking lot and felt inspired to take a picture.  The car was dark blue but it transformed into this coppery color with the inverted values fx.  This online software is simple to use, just upload your your photo and paint directly over the image.  Sleek enamel takes on a glamorous sequin texture with the pointilism brush which reminds me of Miranda's puatilism brushes for my paint software. 

What do I think about this software?  When I see something I like I tend to ask what software did you use and what is the learning curve.  The results can be gorgeous depending on your original photo.  Sleek enamel using the pointilism brush takes on a glamerous sequin appearance while gritty cement takes on a powdery pastel finish.  Be brave to change colors in your image.  The learning curve is non existent because this software is simple to use.

I was so excited with the results so I made an iphone case design and posted it to my store.

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