Monday, July 16, 2012

My new floral tee shirt design

A friend suggested that I take photos of my ranch and post some of the images on my zazzle store.  A few years ago I had a gorgeous bounty of blooming catus, but this year the blooms are missing. That is kind of strange.  So I looked in my SD card and found my favorite cactus flowers which I capured with my nintendo.  Each photo is about 640 x 480 pixels.  I prepared my images by getting rid of the clay soil and needles in the photos by uploading them to GIMP and selecting free select/ lasso and selecting Edit  and selecting clear.  I saved my photos as png files because the alpha channel has transparent background.  I lovingly did this with several photos and made my floral arrangement. Here's a link to see this floral tee at my zazzle store RavenKing.


  1. Nice design idea and very feminine! I like the concept of getting flowers as design ideas because they are infinite! I, on the other hand, vector my designs and spend an ample amount of time to emphasize the details. The good thing is, when I finish and print out one design, people on the street keep on asking me where I bought my shirt. Haha! I just tell them that I made it myself.

    Lissette Monroe