Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's New?

There has been a lot of excitment since I last blogged at ravensartshack. Dust storms, frozen tomatoes in June and sweltering heat by July. To take my mind off my wind raggedy garden I picked up a book. I have been reading the Gimp Bible written by Jason van Gumster and Robert Shimonski. This book inspired me to venture into digital art and create a series of digital paintings which you can see at my gallery at

   I got interviewed by a talented artist named Julia Hanna.  Julia also writes art tutorials  which explain the art process from grid to palm tree with videos included.  Her art inspires the viewer to look at nature. Since the interview I opened my first zazzle store called RavenKing.

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  1. Very nice to hear more about your garden and artwork. Thanks for linking to mine as well :).

  2. You're welcome. You're palm trees are very beautiful. The way you compose and a painting, finish and make a very detailed tutorial is amazing!

  3. Great to see you blogging and keeping busy with your artistic endeavours Ann. X

  4. Thanks Shah! I made some new floral tee shirt designs. Oh, I do enjoy making digital art. :)
    Your book cover looks great!