Thursday, September 27, 2012

Contest: Stockapocalypse

I am excited by this contest because it encourages the visual artist to look outside of the form on the blank canvas to become a storyteller.  Take a moment and ask yourself the question: what if?  The contest involves the scary idea of apocalypse.  How did it happen?  If you enjoy drawing or manipulating photos you can still submit some art till October 5, 2012.  You must use one of the stock images provided and be a member which you can join for free.
I browsed the gallery and found images with zombies, alien invasion with varying shades or horror.
I was so inspired that I decided tell my story.

I made my New Tribe in two versions A New Tribe before and After Dawn where this family finds a plane and A New Tribe before and after Noon when they walk along a  train.  I drew the figures with airbrush while the sky I used cora balls brush.  I made them completely in GIMP.  The word "Air" I made with my own digital brush after I took pictures of the native sagebrush in my back yard. I made her armored bra with my digital brush which I made out of a sequin image.

A few years have passed since the incident that changed everyone's lives. Some say it was a polar shift that caused the pulse that shut down technology.  Many lives were affected.  A new tribe rose along with hope.
Elders often talked about the technology they missed, but they also explain how the event brought them together.  Some villagers moved to more fertile ground building yurts or earthbag homes, cooking with solar ovens and woodstove.  Curious to see what once flew in the sky or hauled cargo on tracks many make a pilgrimage to visit the mammoth sized vehicle covered in silence and shrubs.  A child smiles and imitates the flight of a plane which makes a poignant image in time.

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