Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Favorite Tee Shirts

Today I will be posting my thoughts and some flash fiction about my favorite wardrobe. These tee shirts are availabe on zazzle.

Gardeners Make Better Lovers
I designed this tank to be naughty for the image resembles a bandaid designed to highlight the feminine form.  A figure hides among the lush tropical flowers.  Her red lips offer a kiss to her lover, but he must find her first.

There's A Dragon In My Salad depicts a playful dragon wriggling in a green salad.  Kids sometimes pose a challenge for healthy eating habits.  "Mom, who told you I eat vegetables?"  The little buckaroo asked before inspecting a piece of lettuce. I remember growing up and wondering how many attempts till I learned to like carrot salad or brocolli.  Mom still has so much patience with me.  Thanks, mom.

If you would like to draw your own dragon with my paint software follow my link to
Draw A Baby Dragon tee

A Good Date tee shirt Star Date 2525  (a flash fiction about this tee shirt)
It had taken him about two hours to foil his hair for no dude would want to woo his date with naked hair.  Of course not.  The evning before he had gone to the gym to upgrade his calf muscles, not that he needed it, no. 
Today Ruby had her hair polished at the salon and it blazed like red satin.  The stylist threw a caveat at her feet.  "If you get caught in a plasma storm it might make your erect hairstyle prostrate.  Ruby mulled over the words.  The weather report suggested a small percentage of a plasma storm approaching the city limits. 
He came to pick her up at their first date.  He knocked on her shop door Everything Vintage circa 2050.  She dusted her funny little nick knacks.  "Let me get you your shawl."  His silk jacket whisked her bare shoulder.  They stepped one foot outside and got caught in the plasma storm.

Here is another version of my happy couple caught in a plasma storm available as a print.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest
All Natural tee depicts a green pony.
I wanted to design an image that reminds me of summer meets Autumn.  I made a pony out of flowers I captured in the grocery store.  What if a topiary became a horse?  I would expect it to enter a maze, throw a look over its shoulder as if to ask,"Will you join me?"

Blue Thunder
I was inspired by the wild Nevada horses when I designed this tee shirt, but mythology also played a part in the inspiration.  Odin's horse Slepnir was an eight legged horse that came from the sky. I envisioned a moment when a brooding sky grows battlship grey clouds that creep down the foothills.  Hot flash and thunderous reverberation release a herd of electric blue horses.  I could imagine the power unleashed and their hearts racing as they make their escape.