Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Collection

Today's post includes all the artworks I made this month.

This is Mishchief the original I drew on paper with my bic red and blue pens.

Mischief by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

This is Mischief after I enhanced in GIMP.

Mischief too by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

The effects are subtle.

This next before and after are very strikingly different.  Here I drew Sunny with my bic pens and colored pencils.

Sunny by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

Sunny becomes an icon after I used alien map in GIMP. 

Mary by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

I entered a contest Stockpocalypse and I felt it challenged me to become a story teller and try to imagine an event that could have changed many lives.  I wanted a message of hope and here are my two versions of a New Tribe.

A New Tribe Before and After Noon.

I made my first calendar. Hurray! You can flip through the pages online at my zazzle store
Source: via Ann on Pinterest

I drew Fay and Kelpie on paper and enhanced with alien map in GIMP to make this tee shirt.
Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Mary tee shirt.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

I even made a guitar out of a candy box and played music. :)

I hope you too have fun writing or creating stuff!

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  1. Beautiful art work Ann! I like how you have shown all that you have been working on this month. The new background for your blog is also very nice, as well.