Sunday, October 7, 2012

My first inkscape Drawing

I am beginning to learn how to use inkscape to make my first vector drawing.  Because I am so fond of entering contests I decided to enter the Mountain Dew contest so that I would have a deadline for making my drawing.  The size is small at 600 x 600 pixels and it took about four hours to make.  The palette was limited to 5 colors which they provided four along with the logo.  Restrictions help keep my design simple since this drawing could wrap around a soda can. I made a spider from the mountain ridges covered in fresh snow.  What I found interesting in drawing with inkscape is that when you draw your shape you can choose a different color for the outline than the fill.   Each shape or line is a layer and you can alter it by moving the nodes or simply selecting it to stretch it. Mountain Dew contest ends October, 10.

This is my second variation of my Mountain Dew entry. I decided to make the snow shine by changing the opacities of the snow.  Which do you think is better snow plates or snow shine?
There is one more contest that I might enter.  The author is hosting a contest on her blog to design a book cover about a samurai who travels between the living and the dead. 
Or you can see the link on deviantart.
The contest ends October31, 2012. can visit my zazzle store and flip through my calendar pages.  :)


  1. I like your vector drawings. They look very professional!

  2. Very cool. I'm always impressed by people with artistic talent.