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Book Review: Return to Caer Lon

Return to Caer Lon was written by Claude Dancourt.  The story begins at the height of drama.  Queen Ylianor shields her young son Derek while the castle is being attacked by fireballs.  King William Pendragon sends his wife and child away from Camelot so he can fight his foe, Wolfryth a despicable sorcerer who kills him.

The story fast forwards fifteen years later.  Derek has grown to be a tall handsome man who looks and acts like his late father. Derek is eager to claim back Camelot and avenge his father's death.  He feels competing in tournaments is frivolous use of his time. Ylianor  raised her son within the Haven's walls overlooking the sea and  became an herbalist who has been treating Derek's favorite antagonist, Sacha for nightmares which are actually visions.  Sacha a raven haired young lady is a seer.  Residents of Haven snicker because Derek and Sacha would make a lovely couple, but they can't stand eachother due to their frictitous relationship.

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The adventure unfolds after Sebastian, Sacha's cousin, and Ewlyn, Sacha's twin brother,  go missing after scouting the area of Pemfro.  Sacha finds a wounded and unconscious Sebastian.  Both Derek and Sacha ask permission for a search party to find her brother, but are denied permission. The following scene made me laugh.  One night Sacha sneeks into Derek's quarters.  He was relieved that she wasn't naked under her cloak.  She wasn't sure if she should consider that an insult.  They sneek into the night on horseback.  Gee,  seems romantic, but they take turns teasing eachother and getting angry.  I think it is remarkable how two people who can't get along would decide to go on trip together.

Their relationship takes an arc from almost childish bickering to a sense of curiosity when they stay in the inn.  They sleep on separate beds.  Their relationship deepens in the cave after she almost drowns.  They develop feelings of concern and lust which they try to conceal from eachother.
This story explores magic as well as honor. Sacha has elemental powers while her bother has Earth powers.  She continues to have visions that suggest she should turn back.  They are unaware that Wolfryth is watching them through Sacha.  A riddle replays in their mind: the blood of a dragon will reveal the source.  Ewlyn is tortured and kept in a dungeon by Wolfryth.  Ewlyn tells his sister via telepathy that he is in Caer Lon, a forgotten city.  Sacha has a difficult time trying to convince Derek because he considers the city a myth and he is very sceptical of magic.
Derek and Sacha are in danger.  They travel alone without telling anyone.  Thugs with swords roam the streets.  They visit a monastery for clues to Caer Lon.  Derek peaks his interest upon learning his Pendragon heritage intertwines with the lost city.
I highly recommend this book. At times I laughed while eager to finish this book of magic and romance.

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  2. Thank you Stormi. I enjoyed reading this book! Claude Dancourt is a talented author with a delightful sense of humor.