Friday, October 12, 2012

My First Python Class

I am so excited to be taking my first computer programming course An Introduction into Interactive Programming in Python.  I enrolled through Coursera at  Rice University and this is my first week.  This online class  will teach me how to make a video game! I will be learning the basics about programming in the python language which includes importing a gui, a graphical user interface and event handling which includes what happens after the button is clicked.  What will you see if you join this class?  Video lectures, course material, code skulptor which allows you to code online through your browser and online forums to ask questions or discuss issues with other students.  I found the sytatical shortcut '+=' to be an interesting feature.  Here's an example: if a = 3
                                   a += 2
The answer is 5 because we added 3 + 2.
I also found modulus math interesting, especially the remainder which is a form of division.
Here's an example: 4 % 4
The answer results in 0, because although 4 divided by 4 equals 1, the remainder is zero.  There are no left overs in this equation.
 Click  here to read more about this course. Hurry class begins October 15, 2012.
Did I mention the class is free!

I drew my second vector drawing with inkscape.  I think Lucinda is ready for Halloween and I call this drawing Lucinda's First Bite.

Lucinda's First Bite by ~ravensartshack on deviantART

I See You pet bowl
I See You pet bowl by RavenKing
Browse other cat bowl designs on Zazzle.

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